So. I have a ton of DVDs and Nendoroids, and I would like to get rid of them. Would anybody be interested in buying one and/or taking art requests for them?


DVDs I have:

  • Breaking Bad season 5
  • Supernatural Seasons 3-8
  • The Walking Dead season 1
  • House of Cards season 1
  • South Park seasons 1-12
  • American Horror Story season 2
  • Family Guy seasons 1-8
  • Futurama seasons 1 and 2

Nendoroids I have:

  • Priecia
  • Imoko Shishido 
  • Light
  • Nao
  • Kureha

Other Random Things that I Have

  • Ezio white edition figure from the collector’s edition of Assassin’s Creed II
  • Play Arts Devil May Cry 4 Nero

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Anonymous whispered: I still stand by that your precious little footbaw hasn't helped you in any way. Maybe if you'd been more devoted to your studies as a child like your brother, Eldes wouldn't be my favorite child by so much.


"And where, dare I ask, have Eldes’s scientific ventures gotten him? A grimy prison cell and a dumpster behind the seediest brothel in Pyrite.

My old college football trophies may be collecting dust in the attic, but, well, at least I have an attic, now don’t I? Yes, in fact, I have an entire estate all to myself. 

Your estate.

Because despite Eldes’s scholastic achievements, it seems that I have managed to inherit everything, and rightfully so. Do you understand, Papa? I am the head of House Verich now, and with all limitless supply of gold, my voice can move the very mountains! Ahahaha!

Oh, but do you know what the best part is? I accomplished all of this and more by playing football and doing absolutely nothing. Perhaps your parental favoritism bothered me as a young child, but I am not like the antagonists in your cheesy soap operas, Papa. 

I grew up, and I’ve gotten over it.”

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Anonymous whispered: Is it true that Greevil actually wasn't bald at one point or another in his life?


"How many people on this Earth have been bald their entire lives?

My guess: zero.”



Despite the heat, it actually wasn’t too bad out that day as some of the men spent their time outdoors, stretching their legs with some of the Pokémon that were running around, playing with one another. Like any other Pokémon, even they could get restless and antsy from being cooped up for too long. They especially enjoyed when their trainers were out there with them, playing with them every so often. Even their Pokémon had their moments of being children at heart.

However, the joy and carefree atmosphere changed when some of the Flying-Type Pokémon returned somewhat distressed from their flight, catching the others’ attention. Driton, Niver and Hobble volunteered to go check out what had the Pokémon concerned, flying on Driton’s and Hobble’s Pelipper, Halcyon and Taipa, and Niver borrowing Fusten’s Unfezant, Callen, to the location the Pokémon were last at. Reaching the area, what the three men found left them bewildered, especially from not expecting their discovery. The three birds descended to the ground below.

"You have got to be kidding me…," Driton muttered scowling at the unconscious man lying in the sand.

"This is certainly unexpected. Never thought we would ever see him again, especially all the way out here," Niver stated. "I have to wonder if this is the one Eldes spoke of; the Ardos he’s related to."

"It’s a possibility," Hobble murmured, checking Ardos’ pulse. "He’s alive. He’s probably just passed out from the heat and exhaustion. What do you suppose we should do?" He glanced back at the others.

"Hell, if I know. Sure as hell ain’t taking him back the Hideout," Driton said, his arms crossed.

"There’s caves nearby, correct? We could take him there. It’ll have plenty of shade and water. He can help himself from then on," Niver answered.

"Why should we even do anything? If he’s anything like the asshole we knew, it’s best to just leave him here to rot," Driton grumbled.

"So you’ll be fine with being an indirect killer then? If we don’t do anything, we’ll be leaving him for dead, making us no better than he is. All we’re doing is getting him out of the sun and to a water source. That’s it. As I said, from there, he can help himself. Take the high road," Niver stated.

“It’s not like we haven’t been made to be indirect killers before.”


Driton sighed irritably, pausing to think it over before begrudgingly agreeing.

The three proceeded with their plan, moving the still unconscious Ardos to the nearest cave to get him out of the sun. Laying him beside a small pool of water, Hobble merely dipped an ungloved hand into the water and splashed some of the cold water onto Ardos’ face, and backed away.

The ice cold water hit him like a bullet, jolting him awake with a sharp gasp. It took him mere seconds to register the change in his surroundings, and although he hadn’t yet associated the men close to him as members of the infamous Team Snagem, he still recognized the peril of his current situation. Alone in unfamiliar territory, trapped with strange and potentially dangerous men, adrenaline pulsed through his system as he forced himself to stand. Every muscle screamed out in protest as he shifted his already weakened body into an admittedly ineffective mockery of his usual defensive stance. 

Though Ardos still projected the ferocity and dominance so known to him, it was apparent that he currently had nothing to back it up. At the moment, the great Ardos Verich truly was nothing but a mutt- all bark and no bite. His hands trembled and his vision blurred. Even if he chose to pull out his pistol, Ardos doubted that he would be able to hit anything, even if it stood directly in front of his face. 

Resignation fell across his features as he recognized the hopelessness of his situation. Even then, he maintained his aggressive stance; he would rather die fighting than surrender with his tail between his legs. As he slowly recovered from his period of unconsciousness, he finally recognized the men for who they were.

"Oh, y-you’re… a trio of faceless grunts from the organization that… that my father employed, now aren’t you? Team… Snaggit, or something along that general theme…" 

Even in his horrid situation, he still managed to twist his mouth into a cruel smirk.

"What is it you want? Money? There’s no one left to pay my ransom, even now that I rule over Cipher as king. Or… oh, don’t tell me that you want my ass." He threw his head back and laughed, dry and sardonic. "Why, I would make a terrible sex slave. I’ve been told I’m far too talkative."

"Is it true that…" Finish it in my ask box!

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Your mother is so fat that her portraits hang themselves.

Ardos Verich

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Anonymous whispered: What if Cipher could transform humans into pokemon?!


Golit gave a skeptical snort. “I highly doubt it. It sounds more like some shit you’d find on a horror forum or just some horror story that spreads like wild fire to freak out the locals,” he stated. “Doesn’t matter if it’s a ‘what if’ scenario.”

"Even if it is merely a ‘what if,’ the thought of it is still distressing, you have to admit," Jinok said.

"We already can. It’s called ‘Project Human Scolipede.’"